Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Vignettes

In honour of the tastiest of holidays (well, aside from the wondrous lolly gorge-fest that is Halloween) Sarah and I decided to experiment with arranging some Easter themed vignettes. We've both been wanting to get into photography some more and the long weekend was the perfect opportunity to whip out the SLR and try some styling.

It was a lot of fun trying out different scenes, although Sarah definitely has more patience than moi when it comes to fiddling around with those finer details! (I mean, seriously, who knew how freaking difficult it really is to arrange flowers attractively in a vase? I really don't recommend attempting any sort of intricate vignette when you've got PMS and are also suffering from a chocolate-egg-induced sugar crash. People could get hurt).

Sugar induced metabolism crashes aside, arranging and shooting a vignette is definitely a great way to experiment and learn more about styling and photography techniques. One thing I will try to remember in the future is to take lots of shots from different perspectives instead of automatically doing the bog standard point-and-shoot-directly-from-the-front thing. And that creating a vignette with edible elements is always a good idea. Because we've gotta try and avoid those dreaded sugar crashes, right?

Do you love styling and photographing your own vignettes? What are your favourite things to shoot? Leave us a link in the comments section because we'd love to see your work!

I hope you all had the most awesome long weekend and that the Easter Bunny was especially generous with the chocolate eggs!


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