Thursday, 24 January 2013

Recently on Instagram

Instagram has been my addiction for a while now but since becoming a mum it has been such a great app to look at during feeding time. I love the way that you can record things that may happen in your day and helps you to appreciate the little things in life. It is also a great tool for connecting with like minded crafters and have an insight to happenings all over the world. 

Have you fallen under the Instagram spell? I would love to know :) You can follow me via @sarahrochford or you can follow Lauren via @whimsyandjuno 

Cheers Sarah xoxo

P.S. I only just learnt today that there is an app for blogger that means you can blog via your phone. I know this is probably old news but gee it is so much easier to do seeing as though I don't spend nearly so much time on the computer anymore. Hopefully this will mean I can jump on here a bit more often :) 


  1. Oh my gosh little heart shaped waffles! Melt my heart ladies.

  2. Hi! I'm Sarah too! Just became a follower, thanks to Oh So Lovely Vintage:)
    Really enjoying exploring the blog and shop!

  3. Hello! I have just found your super sweet blog through the Oh So Lovely blog. What a luffly little world you have here. I'm a little addicted to instagram myself!

  4. I found you on insta! I love all your photos here! And this blog is simply adorable! Keep it up, ladies!


  5. I love your crochet stuff....yummy, I'll look you up on instagram. Visiting from oh so lovely vintage and your lush


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