Thursday, 22 November 2012

Five Friday Finds

So I thought it might be fun to share some of the interesting things I have come across and loved in my wanderings this week.
 (Please ignore if said awesome things have already been discovered in your own travels and pat yourself on the back – you rock!)

Reading the new ‘Good Stuff Holiday Guide’ released by the lovely Pip at Meet Me At Mikes. I think my fave gifts were the Kate Spade ‘Look on the bright side’ bracelet, the colourful turquoise Saltwater Sandals and this amazing geometric Gorman skirt. It was also exciting to have a little Whimsy & Juno love featured on Page 33. It was only a dream that one day we might have a little shop of our own to include in a publication like this.

Finding out that playing with oven hardening Fimo can be a lot of fun and it’s not that hard to use. Lauren and a few other crafters out there like Christina Lowry Designs and Meet Me At Mike’s inspired me to give it a go. I managed to wrangle a spare hour the other night while hubby had some time with Soph and I was able to make quite a few beads. It was little hard on the hands and I probably should have read some kind of instructions on how to work it properly but I think they turned out okay. The colour combinations are endless and it is good to note that the colours do darken slightly when baked. Something I was a bit oblivious to when I selected my colours but makes a lot of sense. There may be a few fimo bead necklaces under the Christmas tree this year.  

The discovery of a new macaron dealer, sorry retailer in Brissy. Unfortunately compared to Sydney and Melbourne a good macaron is very hard to find here. Instagram is such a great way of finding out about new places to eat and thanks to the lovely Sophie at Her Library Adventures I have a bead on where I can get some delicious French goodies.  Ironically enough they are at the Spanish inspired Chocolateria San Churro cafe at Southbank.  I’ll report back once I’ve checked out the merchandise.

That the movies Only You and When Harry Met Sally still make me gush like the hopeless romantic that I am every time I watch them.  I’ve recently developed a habit of re-watching all my favourite movies and educating my husband who has not seen hardly any of them. You’d think I spent my entire childhood at the movies! Although come to think if it he has probably played every computer game since 1985.

It was also so great to finally see the quiet release of the entire AC/DC back catalogue on iTunes. I love some good Aussie rock and I never get tired of those guitar riffs. This led to a funny discovery that bub loves to fall asleep to a little heavy rock music. In my mind this means purchase justified. Well that’s my story and I am sticking to it!

I'd love to hear if you have discovered something that has made your week a little more interesting. 

Cheers Sarah 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Off the Record: Soundtrack Edition

Music has been a big part of my life despite the fact I cannot play a musical instrument to save my life! I love the way music can transport you back to the time when you first heard it and how it can remind you of all the emotions and events in your life at that time. I know a lot of people utilize smell as ways of remembering past events but for me it is music.  

I love the way that when I hear a song it can take me back to happy and sometimes sad times in my life. Like when I hear Madonna’s Vogue and Cher’s If I Could Turn Back Time it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling that reminds minds me of Smash Hits mixtapes and family road trips to Sydney to see my grandparents.

Movies are another great love of mine and the humble soundtrack became one of my favorite albums to buy when I was younger. I still love soundtracks but these days they don’t seem to be as important to moviemakers anymore and good ones are becoming more rare. I’d say the best soundtrack I can think of from the past few years is from the movie 500 Days of Summer

During the 80’s directors like John Hughes placed so much importance in the music that accompanied their movies that the music became just as popular as the movies themselves. Soundtracks helped open me up to so many musicians that I would probably never have listened to if not for their inclusion on a soundtrack I bought. I am ashamed to say but my love of Paul Kelly music stems from his song ‘I’ve Done all the Dumb Things’ being included in the movie Young Einstein. (For those of you not from Australia this movie was the pinnacle of Yahoo Serious’s short lived career. Although now that I think about it he seems to have been way ahead of his time in regards to naming internet search engines!)  

For me the 80’s and 90’s had the best soundtracks and over the next few posts I thought it might be fun to revisit some of my all time favourite movies and their accompanying soundtracks. 

Reality Bites was one of the first CD’s I bought in Grade Eight. I remember the movie was such a big hit at the time and the soundtrack was everywhere.  My highlights are: 

The Posies - Going, Going, Gone  

Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories - Stay

Baby, I Love Your Way - Big Mountain 

I recently sat down and watched the movie again after many years and its funny how time (and maturity) can sometimes change your perception of things. I remember at the time I thought the Ben Stiller character was the biggest yuppie and Winona Ryder's character had to end up with Ethan Hawke. Yet now when I watched it recently I thought Ethan Hawke was a bit of a douche and Ben Stiller really wasn't that bad. It’s funny how perceptions can change with over 15 years of life experience under your belt (Oh God how old do I sound!) Now I think I like the soundtrack more than the movie itself. 

It was also interesting to see chain smoking in a movie again and the social fear of AIDS at that time. It's funny how smoking is now such a taboo in movies yet AIDS/HIV seems to have been completely forgotten or put on the back burner for something that only happened 20 years ago. Watching it again also made me wonder whether teenagers today would be able to relate to the anti-establishment, anti-consumerism message that's so prevalent in the film. These characters wanted to leave home and completely rejected their parents. It’s amazing how the relationship of twenty-something’s and their parents has changed so significantly in recent times. I still absolutely love this soundtrack and as Lauren reminds me I could still listen to it everyday just like I did back in '94. Although I haven't had the chance to re-create the scene where the characters dance around to The Knack's My Sharona in the service station yet. Damn.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down my music memory lane and maybe you have the same connection with movies, music or something else that has been a constant in your life? Do you have a favourite soundtrack?  I'd love to hear. 

Now all I need to do is pick the next soundtrack... Romy and Michele's High School Reunion? Clueless? What do you think?

Cheers Sarah 

Monday, 12 November 2012

Wish I Was Here...

I think I have a serious case of the Post-Holiday Blues. You know, that feeling you get after returning from an awesome trip somewhere, when everything just feels a little bit...meh. Trips away are fun, exciting and a welcome break from the usual everyday routine, so when you finally have to come back to reality...meh. It's so hard to get inspired to get back into everyday life and do the kinda mundane things that go with it- cooking, washing, cleaning, going to work, actually getting up at a reasonable hour in the morning...

So what's the best way to get rid of the meh and actually feel excited about the everyday again? (This isn't a rhetorical question, I genuinely have no idea. So any suggestions would be much appreciated).

As I ponder an actual answer to this conundrum, why don't you have a peek at a few of my fave pics from my recent trip to Hawaii?

Palm trees lining the beach at the back of our hotel.
The statue of the "father of modern surfing" Duke Kahanamoku at Waikiki. People pay their respects by placing leis on his arms and at his feet.
The caldera of the Kilauea Volcano in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Big Island.
And the same view at night, this time with lava glow!
The Thurston Lava Tube near Kilauea. 
This and the following three photos were taken at one of my favourite places on Oahu, Kualoa Ranch. Scenes from Jurassic Park were filmed here *cue film nerd squeal of delight.* 

The famous Diamond Head crater at Waikiki, as seen in a million tourism brochures! Even prettier in real life.
Sunset over the water at Waikiki beach.
Wouldn't we all like to be at Waikiki right now, overlooking the beach and sipping a Mai Tai? Hell yes! (Hey, it doesn't even have to be a Mai Tai, I'll take a coke, as long as I'm there!) It would certainly be a perfect solution for the deadly combination of Post-Holiday Blues and Monday-itis.

What do you do to make yourself feel better when you're feeling uninspired or a bit meh? I'd love to know!


Monday, 5 November 2012

Makeup Monday: Far East Fusion

 East most definitely met West in the latest A/W 2012 runway collections. Think gorgeous embroidery, brightly coloured traditional Japanese fabric, metallic accents, oriental motifs and lots of textured fabrics. Thanks to Proenza Schouler and Dries Van Noten, the cool fashion kids who are always ahead of the trends, be prepared to see a lot of Asian influences in fashion and makeup in the coming months. (Not to mention the influx of inevitable knock-offs that will flood the high street!)

These fashion front-runners have taken traditional Asian fabrics and motifs and given them a fresh, modern spin. There's something here for all ages and style preferences too. The seriously gilded minis and heeled booties from Proenza Schouler, along with the more sophisticated deconstructed patterns and longer hemlines from Dries Van Noten mean that there's a must-have piece for everyone. The colour palette and bright prints are also enough to make anyone who is sick to death of the typical fashionista black-on-black-on-top-of-some-more-black uniform fall to their knees and praise the fashion gods.

So, how does this oriental fashion trend translate into makeup? Well, that all depends on what you're wearing. And on whether you really want to play up the Asian influences of your outfit or go a bit more modern and understated instead (a la the models at PS). If you're rocking a Japanese print you can go for a bright red, pink or even tangerine lip. Or maybe a bit of a lined, smoky eye. But not both. Otherwise you risk looking like a lost extra from the set of Chinatown. Less is more ladies!

1. MAC Eye Shadow in Ricepaper ($33) is the perfect shimmery, peachy gold to wear with an oriental-inspired outfit. This shade will subtly pick up on any metallic threads that Japanese fabrics so often have woven through them, while looking modern and fresh.

2. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in Dragon Girl and Roman Holiday ($39) are two classic lip colours that are perfect for the Far East fashion trend. Dragon Girl is your classic matte red to wear when you want to make a statement while Roman Holiday is a soft pink for when you want a more natural look. Roman Holiday is also a great neutral to wear if you've decided to go for a statement eye.

3. Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black ($18). Use the perfectly shaped tip of this handy pen to define your eyes or to go all out with a dramatic Asian-inspired winged flick. Just don't pair a dramatic cat's eye with a bright lip while wearing an oriental outfit- you'll be in Halloween costume territory. Which is a bad thing, unless it's actually Halloween. But if it is Halloween then by all means, be my guest!

4. Priti NYC Nail Polish in Blue Wedgwood ($16.95) is a fun way to play with oriental colours without resorting to the classic red shades (which, you have to admit, can get kinda boring after a while). And did I mention that we sell this lovely range of non-toxic polishes in the Whimsy & Juno shop? *shameless shop promotion!*

5. Australis Stayput Liners in Vixen, Bluebird and Envy ($9.95). Instead of the traditional bold lip try lining your eyes with a pencil that picks up on a colour from your outfit. Think royal blue, forest green, deep plum or a metallic gold. These long lasting eye liners add a pop of colour to your look without going overboard. Plus, this awesome range of cosmetics is 100% Aussie owned, they don't test on animals and all of their products are under $20. How sweet is that? Plus it's a really good excuse to buy all three liners to add to my collection...

6. Now for a couple of gorgeous handmade items that channel the Far East Fusion look (and also sweeten up any outfit or home!) These bright and colourful accessories are from Kimono Reincarnate, a jewellery range created by local Brisbane designer Melanie Augustin. Her lovely designs are created using combinations of vintage kimono fabrics, Japanese cottons, sterling silver and resin. If, like me, you're obsessed with Japanese fabric and design, then you should definitely check out the rest of her range here!

What do you think of this new East meets West trend? Do you have a love of Asian-inspired fashion or design too? Or perhaps a little Japanese fabric obsession that's taking over your craft room? (Sarah and I can totally relate to that!)

Have a beautiful week!

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