Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Phoebe's Stylin' It Up On Instagram!

Do you love Instagram? Do you love fashion as well? Wanna show off that extra special outfit you're wearing right now? Then you should check out Meet Me At Mike's Instagram Lookbook! Meet Me At Mike's lovely creator Pip Lincolne recently came up with the awesome idea of an Instagram Lookbook, where people can send in photos of what they're wearing. Pip then posts the pics on her blog so everyone can share in the fashion-y fun!

Our elderly little toy poodle Phoebe even made it onto the list last week! Check her out with all of the other fashionable folk:

Courtesy of Meet Me At Mikes
If you want to get in on the fun just take a pic of yourself (or a well dressed animal friend), upload it to Instagram with a short description and then make sure to add the hashtag #pipsinstagramlookbook.

And if you haven't checked out Meet Me At Mike's yet, pop on over there and soak up the awesome-ness!

Will you be sharing your uber-fashionable moments? (I might hold off at the moment considering most of my current working-from-home outfits seem to consist solely of trackie daks and hoodies).


Monday, 25 June 2012

Makeup Monday: Five Winter Beauty Essentials

Since winter is (finally) getting into the swing of things here in Brisbane - it's actually kind of cold!- I thought it was time to do a winter themed Makeup Monday featuring a few products to help make the season a bit more fun (especially for those us who don't even get to play around in snow *grumble*).

1. First up it's the essential daily moisturiser. I like to use The Body Shop's Hemp Face Protector ($25.95) for when the cold winter air takes its toll. It's great for anyone who suffers from very dry skin but doesn't want that greasy film that some moisturisers can leave on the skin. And, unlike the hemp that you smoke, applying this moisturiser won't give you the munchies. Win!

2. The ultimate nail colour for when the temperature drops is Chanel's Le Vernis Nail Polish in Rouge Noir ($40). Certain to have you feeling vampy in no time, despite any winter chills (and it worked for Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction didn't it?)

3. My favourite hand cream of all time is Aveeno's Intense Relief Hand Cream. It's the only thing that has managed to clear up my eczema and soothe my severely dry hands (and I have tried a lot of hand creams!) Fast absorbing and non-greasy this is the ultimate hand cream- at only $8. I'll take six please!

4. Beth Ditto has created the ultimate winter lip colour through her collaboration with MAC. Her Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Heart Hangover ($40) is a deep berry hue that is the epitome of the classic winter  lip.

5. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Kiehl's added a new product to their famous Creme de Corps line: the Soy Milk and Honey Whipped Body Butter ($48). In addition to sounding so good that you're tempted to eat it, the body butter provides 24 hour moisturisation due to being packed with shea buttery goodness.

What are your winter beauty must haves?

Have a beautiful week!


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Yet More Prometheus Bashing Fun!

Via Slacktory 
Following on from last week's post, much more Prometheus bashing fun has been had on the internet with some awesome comics and articles being circulated around blogland. I believe anything that is hilarious and has the chance of giving someone the giggles (preferably when they're at work surrounded by co-workers) must be shared. Enjoy! 


Penny Arcade have created this very informative comic strip for our enjoyment:
(With thanks to Sean for sending me the link this awesome comic!)

Listen Eggroll posted this hilarious (and totally authentic) iPhone conversation on his blog-


Hope you all got as much of a laugh out of these as I (and all my fellow geeks out there) did!

Have you come across any funny Prometheus themed blog posts or articles in your internet travels? I'd love to know about any! 


Monday, 18 June 2012

Makeup Monday: Attack of the Talon Nail

Watch out ladies, the latest (and most dangerous) nail trend may be hazardous to your health. The talon nail is guaranteed to have you raising some eyebrows, as well as possibly scaring small children. Seen on every pop princess from Beyonce to Gaga, Rihanna and even Adele the talon nail is a nail trend for only the most adventurous (due to the high likelihood of poking one's eye out, accidental facial lacerations or poking somebody else's eye out).

So what exactly is a talon nail? It's basically a fake plastic nail that is super elongated and then filed into a terrifying lovely pointed tip, then usually coated in a gel or acrylic topcoat. You can buy fake nails already in the talon shape, or you can file a regular set in yourself. It is definitely not recommended to file your natural nails to such a tapered tip as this shape is super fragile and usually results in sad, broken nails. The colour of choice for the talon nail is a nude/beige hue (check out Chanel's Le Vernis Nail Polish in Beige) or a dark red or black (again, Chanel's Le Vernis Nail Polish in Rouge Noir fits the bill!) Or you can play around with some nail art, like Riri who went for an uber-cool natural base with a black talon tip for her Esquire shoot...

While some pop stars are going for the regular talon nail, a la Fergie below, some are taking it a tad too far on occasion... (and no, it's not Gaga!)

Rihanna sported super duper scary claws at this year's Met Gala, which reportedly took her manicurist over two hours to create.

While the shape is pretty awesome looking- in a goth, Morticia Addams sort of way- it is definitely not the easiest nail to live with! A nail like this requires constant upkeep due to the fragile nature of the nail tip and unless you have a personal manicurist on call 24/7 (like those lucky celebs) you might want to go for a toned-down version of the look.

Beyonce and Dita Von Teese sport a more natural (and wearable) talon nail, with a gently pointed oval shape instead of a pointed claw. Definitely more manageable for those of us who like to go about our daily activities without the imminent risk of a trip to the emergency room.

What about you? Gotta have the talon nail, or are you for the more natural look?

Have a beautiful week!


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

In Space No One Can Hear You Go Huh?

Prometheus. What are we going to do with you? You had so much potential, so many amazing story lines to choose from, a cast of great actors, such an awesome trailer and yet... you kinda sucked.

I think I heard the hearts of a hundred geeks breaking while watching you in the cinema.

Instead of being left with a sense of where you lead on to the events of Alien we're all left with a big resounding WTF??!!

If you are still confused (I know I am) by the events of Prometheus, rest assured you're not the only one.  Have a read of this article by Owen Vaughan, whose hilarious headline I couldn't resist pinching for this post. In the article he poses the five biggest questions viewers are left with after watching the movie (although Sarah says she could think of a few more).
David: Have you found a way out of this nonsensical plot yet?
Have you seen Prometheus yet? What did you think? Loved it, hated it or just a bit meh over the whole thing?  I'd love to know!


Monday, 11 June 2012

Makeup Monday: Midsummer Nights with Paul & Joe

Few fashion houses make cosmetics as pretty, outrageously adorable and squeal-of-delight inducing as Paul & Joe. Somehow they manage to create cute, quirky collections with a dash of that Parisian je ne sais quoi like no one else. Who could forget their Disney collaboration featuring face powders adorned with Bambi and his friends or the whimsical Alice in Wonderland collection? If there is makeup cuter than theirs, I have yet to find it. And finally those of us in Australia can shop their cosmetics through the Aussie ASOS site! Yaysies!

Paul & Joe's latest Summer 2012 collection is called Midsummer Nights and features whimsical impressions of flowers and butterflies on it's beautiful packaging. Inspired by Shakespeare's classic play the makeup colours come in shimmering shades of pinks, green and coral. These are offset by sparkling magic-inspired accents in the nail polishes, body lotion and iridescent eye shadow colours. Love!
My faves are the Faerie Queen nail polish (an iridescent holographic glitter shade, $17), the Shimmering Pressed Powder (embossed with a gorgeous butterfly, $37) and the Lipgloss in Dream a Little Dream (an on-trend coral shade, $25). What I also love is how wearable all of the colours are, no outrageous limited edition hues here!

You can still also find pieces from their Spring 2012 Cat Collection. The purrrfect (sorry) addition to any cat lovers makeup collection is the Blusher Stick ($35) which is shaped like a kitty wearing an adorable little top hat. A must for any glamour puss (sorry again)!

Do you love makeup that comes in extra-cute packaging or do you like to keep it simple with your cosmetics?
Have a beautiful week!


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Book Lovin': The Broken Ones by Stephen M. Irwin

via Studio Mela
I am a self confessed book hoarder. I blame it on my parents, who are also book hoarders and seem to have passed the gene on to me and Sarah. But books are a good thing to hoard aren't they? They can take you away to awesome places where magic is real, hobbits and elves exist, heroes prevail over the bad guys and kick arse girls kill demons with just a few kung fu moves. Basically, with books, anything is possible. They're the places we escape to when real life gets a bit tough or perhaps a bit boring. We can live through our favourite characters and pretend to be somewhere adventurous, romantic, hilarious or spine-tingly scary. So I think I'll stick to my book hoarding ways, so I'll always have somewhere wonderful to escape to when I need it.

My love of reading encouraged me to start a run of posts under the title of Book Lovin'. I thought it might be a fun way to show some of the books I've been reading and loved so much that I just had to tell everyone about it! Plus I love to hear other people's book recommendations so if you have a current fave please share it with us!

For the first post I just had to mention the The Broken Ones by Stephen M. Irwin. The novel is a supernatural thriller set in the near future where everyone on earth is haunted by a ghost, whether it be a friend, family member or stranger. No one knows how or why these ghosts suddenly appeared to silently haunt the living, and the world has descended into a chaotic mess reminiscent of the Great Depression (but a way, way creepier version of it).

The protagonist of the story is Detective Oscar Mariani, who is confronted with solving a disturbing case involving a serial killer and the ritualistic murders of young women. To say the least, this isn't your average crime procedural novel! To say any more would ruin the story so I'll just say that this is the best crime and supernatural novel I have read in a long time. It is thoroughly original (which can be very rare these days), genuinely spooky and once you start reading I guarantee you won't want to stop. Seriously- you can hold me to that! I'm currently waiting and hoping that this will be the start of a series...

And to make things even better the novel is set entirely in Brisbane, where Irwin actually lives. It's a lot of fun reading a book where you recognise the locations, especially as our city isn't exactly a popular setting for novels! This is Stephen's second book, his first being The Dead Path (which I just managed to get a hold of, I'll review it in the future!) which is also a supernatural/horror read.

What book/s are you loving right now? Do you like a scary read or something a bit lighter? I'd love to know!

Happy Reading!


Monday, 4 June 2012

Makeup Monday: The Ultimate Tangle Tamer

I am one of those people who constantly has a knot in their hair. Every time I wash it my hair looks like a possum has been nesting in it. Since getting it bleached it's like a possum and it's friends have been having a party in there after every wash. Prolific use of leave in conditioner has done nothing to help the hair nest, and I have been resorting to have my mum comb -or rather yank and pull- the gazillion knots out of my hair (thanks mum!)

Thankfully my days of tearing my hair out trying to get rid of the nest like knots are over due to my hairdresser introducing me to the Tangle Teezer. Apparently this little British made comb is going to be the next big thing in hair due to its miraculous ability to comb out knots without pulling your actual hair out with it. Unlike normal brushes which get tangled in the snarls and make them worse, the specially designed "teeth" on the Tangle Teezer gently comb through knots and untangle them. For the first time in years I have been able to comb out the possum-knots in my wet hair without yanking out wads of hair from my scalp. I don't have to worry about going bald now, which is quite nice.

The Tangle Teezer retails for $29.95 and is so worth the investment! You can also pick from a range of pretty colours too (I got the bubble gum pink one, naturally!) The back of the comb also comes off to act as a cover for the brush so you can easily chuck it in your handbag for those random touch ups during the day.
And look! There's even a special kid friendly Magic Flowerpot ($34.95) where girls can store their favourite hair accessories in the pot and the comb looks like a flower. How cute is that?! Is it weird that I want one for myself?

Are you prone to possum nest hair too? What special tricks do you have for de-nesting?

Have a beautiful week!


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Loving Right Now: The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

In honour of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee I just had to have a post filled with British goodness! As you all know this weekend is the Central Weekend, where celebrations commemorating the Queen's 60 years as Monarch take place all over Britain and other parts of the world too, including Australia (we are a nation of British convicts after all!) 

Brit-ify your walls with some vintage dictionary art prints made by TinkerPrince. Each design is printed onto a page from an old dictionary or encyclopaedia, so you can show off your love for the Mother Country and books at the same time (or should that be love of tearing pages out of books and printing on them? Either way, they look awesome!)

Proclaim your love for the Queen, her Diamond Jubilee and Corgi's all at once with Sarah Matthew's cheeky handmade brooch. Love!

Showcase your Brit obsession with these cushion covers made by Marie-Louise Hart. Featuring iconic British images such as Big Ben, red double decker buses and Buckingham Palace guards (but what, no Tardis?!) they would make a fun addition to any plain-Jane lounge suite.
Drake's London have produced a limited edition Diamond Jubilee Handkerchief (approx. $100) to celebrate the occasion, which will surely be popular with all the Dandies out there (and Chuck Bass). Can be used as a spiffy looking pocket square or a really, really expensive hanky to blow your nose on (would that be treasonous?)

These adorable miniature cushions and bunting created by Gillian Bayes may be made for a doll's house, but don't you just want them for yourself? Surely the chicest way for your dolls to celebrate the occasion though, right?

Are you excited about the Diamond Jubilee weekend? And have you been tempted to buy any Jubilee memorabilia? I know I have!

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