Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Makeup Monday: Loving Miss Piggy for MAC

You know you've hit it big when like Gaga, you get your own collection of makeup for MAC. The latest icon to design their own line? Yup- it's Miss Piggy. Seriously.

And for someone who is, well, swine, she has come up with a pretty awesome little collection featuring three items to help you capture the ultimate Miss Piggy look. Which means of course that it is all about the eyes! Lets face it- Miss Piggy has a pretty spectacular set of eyelashes for a barnyard animal. The mini collection features the prettiest pink eyeshadow ($33), a set of false lashes to achieve that "come hither, Kermit" look ($18) and last but not least there is the all-important slick of winged black eyeliner courtesy of the penultimate liquid eyeliner pen ($32).

With the collection you too can look like a prize pig. Or a divine swine. (Sorry, couldn't help myself!) Your Miss Piggy inspired look would also go well with OPI's The Muppets range of nail polishes. My fave shade is the multi-coloured, glitter packed Rainbow Connection ($19.95).

The collection is available exclusively online at MAC. While you're there you can also check out Daphne Guinness and Gareth Pugh's limited edition collections, although they aren't quite made for the faint hearted! (Or people who don't want to look like vampires).

xoxo Lauren

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Our Creative Spaces: When Good Yarn Goes Bad

It started out so well. I bought some lovely yarn from Purl SoHo while I was in New York last year and decided to use them in my first attempt at a crochet blanket. The nice lady in the shop asked if I wanted the yarn spun into balls but I thought they would squish into my suitcase better as hanks. Big. Mistake.

What was once beautiful yarn now looks like this:

It looks like a group of cats had a fight in it. Or a family of possums nested in it.

My crochet blanket has now been put on hold as I had to cut the blue yarn off mid row due to the Huge Tangled Knot of Doom it had become. I have to either find a way to untangle the yarns or find replacements that match the colours as closely as possible.

It would be such a shame not to be able to use all of the yarn I bought, not to mention such a waste of great material! Does anyone have any suggestions for untangling yarn, or how to wind yarn into a ball when you've bought it as a hank? My sad, tangly yarn would greatly appreciate any ideas you may have!

You can check other lovely Creative Spaces here.

xoxo Lauren.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Makeup Monday: Magnetic Nail Polish

I thought I would start a new weekly post about one of my favourite things: makeup! Before deciding to go to uni I trained as a makeup artist and completed some beauty therapy courses. Even though I'm finishing off a bachelor's degree I still love anything to do with makeup so I thought it might be fun to write regular posts about this topic. Plus it does kind of relate to crafting in a way- I mean who doesn't like crocheting with Chanel nail polished nails and rocking a killer matte red lip?*

For my first Makeup Monday post I have to write about an awesome new nail polish trend that emerged at the end of last year in the USA and UK. Magnetic nail polish is the biggest thing to hit manicures since OPI's wildly popular Shatter top coats and Bio Sculpture's real snake skin pedicures (yes, really). UK based brand Nails inc. actually spent years in the laboratory developing their new magnetic nail polish- who knew nail polish creation was so scientific? Each bottle of nail polish comes with a magnet embedded in the lid. You simply paint on the colour then move the lid over the nail in whatever direction you like, resulting in a pretty cool piece of nail art. (And no, you don't have to worry about your hands becoming attached to the fridge or anything else magnetic- the polish isn't that strong!)

Nails inc. currently has only three colours available, apparently due to the difficulty in creating colours that still look attractive with the magnetised finish. The colours available l-r are: Whitehall Teal, Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square.
All images via
While magnetic nail polish still isn't available in Oz (unless you have a very nice friend living OS who can post you a few bottles) it is only a matter of time before the magnetic trend hits big here. So keep an eye out and be ahead of the fashion curve!

*Although most of the time when I'm crafting I'm wearing a ratty old pair of trackie dacks, a paint splattered t-shirt and generally look like a total dag. But a girl can pretend, right?

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Flea Market Finds...

Today I thought I would join in with Sophie's Flea Market Finds. It's funny how some weeks it can be a bit quiet on the Op Shop front but then others the gems just keep coming. 

1. This Bambi jar has to be up there with my all time favourite finds. I scored this gem at the garage sale of a lovely couple who were about to head off on a trip around Australia. They were basically selling off the contents of their house and I got it for a steal at $5.  
2. The cutest squirrel vase 
3. Unique Skunk book ends
4.  Japanese Cookie Jar     

You can find more great finds at Her Library Adventures

I hope you all have a great week and find lots of vintage goodies in your travels. 

Cheers Sarah 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Our Creative Spaces: Leatherwork

Do you ever have those times when you just get kind of bored with what you're doing and want to try something new in relation to crafting or just being creative generally? Sarah and I have been feeling this way recently and we thought it was time to try something different. Our Mum and Dad took courses in leatherwork in the 1970's (it was big back then, along with the uber-cool macrame trend). Dad in particular has made lots of awesome leather goodies over the years so we got out his old leather working gear and did some experimenting over the weekend.

Firstly we had to choose a design that we wanted to imprint into the leather. Sarah had the awesome idea of using stamps and stencils so Dad chose a sweet deer stencil while Sarah chose some cute babushkas and I went for my favourite Ghibli character Totoro!

We traced and stamped the designs onto some tracing paper that we stole from the kitchen drawer, then we wet the leather and traced the designs onto it using a ballpoint pen (minus the ink cartridge!) This leaves you with a nice outline to go over with using the leather working tools.We used a swivel knife (the silver tool in the photo) to cut the design into the leather. To finish off we used a double ended modeller to further enhance and define the outline of the designs.

After the designs were completed we painted on an antique finish dye to really bring out the carvings and then sealed everything with a sealant and a gloss. In the picture you can see Dad's deer and big Totoro, my little Totoro and Sarah's little babushkas. Dad is going to turn his deer into a little purse and my Totoro into a keyring.

It was really fun to try something new and just mess around and experiment with a new medium. We learnt a bit about which designs work better than others (smaller designs are much harder to carve and show detail so it's better to go for something larger) and we didn't slice off any fingers with the swivel knife which was something of a miracle.

I think leatherwork is a bit of a lost art- it's one of the few crafts that hasn't experienced a big revival in recent years like crochet, knitting and sewing have. I definitely think it has potential to be popular again by modernising the designs and experimenting with what can be done with leather. I'm definitely looking forward to trying out more leatherwork designs in the next few months!

xoxo Lauren

P.S. You can check some cool creative spaces here!
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