Friday, 26 October 2012

My Creative Space: Pretty mt tape bows

After Lauren's Hawaiian holiday and Sarah's free seconds being taken up by her new baby, we're finally getting back into the swing of things here at the blog! And what better way then to experiment with creating some decorative little mt tape bows?

Is there any crafty item more irresistible than mt tape? The huge range of colours, pretty designs and the fact that you can use them to decorate literally anything make them instantly covetable. I think the urge to hoard these little rolls of awesome just gets bigger with time too, and before you know it your craft room/office/bedroom/bathroom has literally been taken over by washi tape.

We (okay, well Sarah did most of the making and Lauren did most of the "supervising") made these sweet bows using the instructions from Hello Sandwich's super-gorgeous Japanese craft book. This book is full of great projects with instructions on how to make heaps of zakka things like letter holders, journals, book covers, hair ties and cushions. The book is also full of beautiful photography and fun layouts so if you love Ebony's aesthetic then you definitely have to get a copy for yourself!

All you need to make one of the bows is some of your favourite mt tape and a hole/eyelet punch (which you can pick up at varying prices from craft shops). This is a great project for when you don't have a heap of time on your hands but want to make a special handmade something. The fiddliest part in making the bows is using the hole punch to make the hole to attach the eyelet, but once you get the hang of using the tool you'll be able to make a few bows in a short amount of time. Perfect to have on standby when something needs that bit of extra-cute handmade decoration!

These bows look so gorgeous when they're finished and we think they're much more personal and pretty then store bought ones! Plus you can use them to decorate presents, gift bags and notebooks or even turn one into a unique little brooch or hair pin. I actually think these could brighten up a "blah" work area by simply blu-tacking a few to the edges of any bookshelves or on to the sides of your computer screen. Yup...I think that's where I'm going to put mine!

Find out more about the Hello Sandwich craft book here.
Or check out other people's lovely creative spaces here.

xoxo Sarah and Lauren


  1. Love those bows... love washi tape... love hello sandwich! Lovely post :)

  2. Oh they look terrific! Something new & exciting again!

    Thanks for visiting me too! But I'm trying to work out how come so many of you have the same supermum name!

  3. soo cute! brill idea for the holidays :) i am in love with washi tape too ;)

  4. These really look fantastic. I was never much of a tape fan but these look awesome! :)

  5. So cute!! I agree they are so much nicer than store bought.

  6. Oh you have washi tape in your bathroom too?!!! Cute bows.


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