Monday, 10 September 2012

Makeup Monday: Perfectly Pretty Palettes

It feels like it's been forever since I've written a Makeup Monday post- new babies, opening an online shop and an attack of winter germs have all combined to create a no-time-for-blogging-zone. But now things have settled down so we're back to our regular programming (yay!)

There is something seriously alluring about a makeup palette. The bower-bird-attracting glossy packaging, the range of colours you get in each one, and the price is usually better than buying the separate products on their own. Of course some of them can be just plain terrible: filled with crazy colours that make you go wtf?! when you open it at home after being talked into buying it by the pushy cosmetics counter chick (how could they convince you to think that yes, you would look fantastic in that collection of fluoro eyeshadow colours?!) So here are my picks of the latest perfectly pretty palettes that won't induce any buyer's remorse or wtf makeup moments. Guaranteed!*

1. The Bobbi Brown City Twilight Collection ($165) isn't just one palette, but an entire makeup collection (where the colours are actually all useable!) The pack comes with a double decker palette filled with four shimmery eyeshadows, two lip glosses, a cream blush and a double ended application brush. Use the two lighter eyeshadows for daytime, then amp it up by applying the plum shade to your lid and finish off by using the deep aubergine colour as an eyeliner. You also get a glitter nail polish, Hydrating Eye Cream, Long Wear Eyeliner and Intensifying Long Wear Mascara in Blackest Black. Phew!

2. The NARS Foreplay Palette ($49) apart from having a fun and dirty name is filled with shimmery shades of makeup goodness. I must also admit that the signature sleek and gorgeous-to-feel-in-a-sort-of-weird-way packaging is really appealing too (have you felt the packaging of a NARS product? It's insanely good. I'm willing to admit this even though it probably makes me sound like a creepy sex pervert.) Anyhoo...this blush palette contains NARS's iconic Orgasm blush shade (which is the best blush for every skin tone ever invented, and should also win the award for best filthy name for a makeup product, second only to the brand's other blush called Super Orgasm) along with three other colours that you can use to create your very own unique blush shade.

3. Sephora + Pantone Universe's Shades of Nature Eyeshadow Palette has enough eyeshadow shades to put even the most die-hard makeup junkie into a coma due to the endless eyeshadow combination possibilities. At just $48 it's also the best-bang-for-your-buck pick of the pretty palette bunch (too many alliterations?) Inspired by the endless colours found in the natural world, there's a huge range of bright hues to experiment with. Just use the colours sparingly as a palette with this many dazzling colours can encourage us to try combinations that end up with us looking like a psychedelic clown crossed with a hooker. Just sayin'.

4. Bare Minerals The September Issue Palette ($49.95) has a combination of eight neutral and jewel-inspired eyeshadows to help you gently step out of your beauty comfort zone. It's also filled with antioxidants and other fancy ingredients to supposedly give you anti-aging and revitalisation benefits while you're wearing your new hues. Whether these benefits are true or not, at least you'll still have pretty peepers!

5. Urban Decay's Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette is sure to be another massive hit following the mega success of the original Naked palette. This is another collection of 12 timeless neutrals with both matte and shimmery finishes. Think classic eye shades in glimmery golds, soft nudes, shimmery bronzes and a couple of smoky plum and ash hues to amp things up a notch. For only $50 it's a hell of a bargain if you're looking to fill out your neutral makeup colour collection.

6. Okay, so Urban Decay's Ocho Loco 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set ($59) isn't technically a palette, but it is a set of eight full sized eyeliners in a glorious rainbow of colours, so I think it should be allowed in by default. Just imagine the multitude of gorgeous eye looks you could get from these babies. A classic black winged cat's eye flick, a jewelled purple lining the upper and lower inner eye rims or a glimmery green tropical hue on the upper eyelid...Extra points awarded for classy shade names such as "Hustle", "Perversion" and "Junkie".

Are you a palette junkie or do you prefer to pick and choose individual items for your beauty collection?

Have a beautiful week!


*Um...not really. 

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