Monday, 6 August 2012

Makeup Monday: Mascara Must Haves

Mascara. It's one of those beauty essentials that most women say they can't live without (including myself). There also seem to be about fifty gazillion types of mascaras out there, each with a different promise to curl, lengthen and fatten our lashes. Basically mascaras today promise to do about everything but wash the dishes for you. So in a beauty marketplace where every brand is selling some new "innovative mascara technology" -insert snigger here- how do we pick the good from the gimmicky?

I used to be on an endless search for the holy grail of mascaras- the one that would give me such amazingly gorgeous eyelashes that Kim Kardashian would commit harakiri upon seeing them (a girl can dream, right?) Since I am a somewhat hopeless makeup obsessive, I have tried many a mascara that promises to lift, curl, fatten, strengthen and define my lashes. I have learnt a few things from this: 1) Most "new and innovative" mascaras not only leave with you panda eyes and gloopy lashes but a lighter wallet as well, 2) that the mascara you've been using since you were a teenager is still probably the best one around and 3) You don't need more than two products to have super pretty eyelashes.

So I figured I could put my years of mascara testing to good use and save other women the time, money and potential hazard of raccoon eyes by devoting this Makeup Monday post to the mascara essentials you need and the ones that you don't.

1. A metal eyelash curler is the only sure-fire way to get gorgeous eyelashes (don't buy those cheap plastic ones, they are nowhere near as good). These little torture chamber-esque tools really are genius and using one will give you curled, long lashes regardless of the mascara you use afterwards. I promise! They are really simple to use and once you get the hang of it you will be wielding them like a pro. Place the curler at the base of your lashes and press gently, then move or "walk" the curler upward and repeatedly press the lashes. You'll probably need to repeat this a few times until you get a good curl, and I promise that it's totally worth it! 

2. After curling your lashes, brush on the mascara of your choice. Whether it be your favourite cheapie or a more luxe option, as long as you love it, then use it! As long as you curl before hand, you'll get a great result- I'm talking false eyelash flutteriness here! My current fave is the cult Japanese mascara Fairydrops. It comes in super cute packaging (always a plus) and gives extra long lashes due to it's cool twisty wand and micro fibre formulation.

3. Heated eye lash curlers are not only a waste of money but are sooo annoying to use, what with waiting for it to heat up and then trying to get your lashes to curl with the tiny bit of heat that comes out of the damn thing. Save yourself an hour and use a traditional eyelash curler instead!

4. Eyelash primers. Just about every brand has one these days, and they're just not necessary. If you curl your eyelashes beforehand, you don't need a primer to "boost" your lash length or volume before applying your regular mascara. It's one of those add ons that companies try to flog and hopeless makeup junkies like me fall for!

5. Vibrating mascaras. (I feel like I should be making a rude joke about this right now). Yes, someone actually came up with this concept. Apparently making the wand of the mascara vibrate leads to super curled lashes. I say it leads to super cash loss (the Estee Lauder version costs $62 and mascara only has a shelf life of about three months) and your family thinking that you're up to something dirty in the bathroom.

I hope this little post has been helpful in demystifying the plethora of mascara products out there. But what do you think of my mascara have and have nots? Do you agree or disagree? What's your fave mascara? I'd love to know! 

Have a beautiful week!



  1. Believe it or not, Maybelline. One of their products has a curved brush that let me toss my eyelash curler in the bin! If you start at the base and slowly walk it out the ends and hold it there for a few seconds it works wonders...and I don't pull out clumps of eyelashes.

  2. A-GREED! A regular eyelash curler (kept clean and pads replaced when needed) and a decent mascara that doesn't dry out too quick (I've found Clinique to be great). Amen, sister.

  3. LOL on the vibrator mascara! i swear by this tried and tested routine too :) only the essentials work best! if your mascara gets clumpy... pour a tiny drop of olive on the brush and put it back in again and swirl it a few times... DONT pump it up and down because air completely defeats the purpose. use as new again!


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