Monday, 30 July 2012

Makeup Monday: What's New at the Cosmetics Counter

There's nothing better than discovering a new beauty buy- especially when it's the start of the week and we deserve a reward for actually getting out of bed and into work on time. Hey, it's a totally valid achievement so take your pick of the latest lovelies to hit the shelf at a department store near you...

1. The Smashbox Shades of Fame Palette ($64.95) is just the thing to pep-up a tired, beige-eyeshadow-overloaded makeup bag. The palette has nine shimmery eyeshadow colours and two matching creamy eyeliners so you can mix-and-match the shades to your little hearts content. (I'm seriously loving the summery Safari green and Pacific blue shades.) You even get a little tube of eye primer so your fabulous new look stays put for longer.

2. Dior Couleur Eye Gloss in Seashell, Sunset, Azur and Tan ($46). These cream and gel eyeshadow hybrids are a busy gal's makeup lifesaver! Simply sweep the eyeshadow on with the applicator, blend a little and you have budge proof eyeshadow for the rest of the day. Hoard these limited edition babies for the humid summer months when your regular powder eyeshadow ends up somewhere around your chin.

3. Thakoon for NARS Nail Collection ($32). Inspired by the dazzling hues of an Indian spice market, this collaboration between fashion designer and makeup maestro is a sure fire way to brighten up your winter time look. (And if it's good enough for the First Lady, then why not the rest of us?) With five gorgeous colours to choose from, I really want to have them all so that I can pull off some killer rainbow nails!

4. Dior 5 Couleurs Croisette Eye Shadow Palette in Swimming Pool ($90). Shimmery eyeshadow goodness in colours that are different, but actually wearable! The shimmer offsets the bright hues so you're left with a soft statement colour that doesn't make you look like an escapee from a clown rodeo. Which can only be a good thing. Instead, imagine wearing these fresh hues in springtime, frolicking through flowers, having a picnic in the grass and gorging daintily eating Laduree macarons.

Are you coveting a new product from the cosmetics counter? What do you love to reward yourself with when you're feeling down at the start of the work week?

Have a beautiful day!


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