Monday, 16 July 2012

Makeup Monday: Spun Sugar Meets Neon

I love magazines. Love love love! I buy far too many, and justify my purchases on the basis that I have subscriptions to some, so therefore I'm actually saving money and can afford to buy more. Ahem. (Don't you love fake logic?) Magazines are awesome because they provide us with a tonne of inspiration, whether it be for crafting, design, writing, beauty or fashion. Personally, I love the photo shoots, the wackier the better! A model wearing nothing but a beret while sitting on top of an elephant? Why the hell not?! It's fashion darlings!

A couple of months ago I stumbled upon the UK magazine Company while ferreting through my local newsagent for something new to read (as you do). It has become my new magazine love! It is thankfully devoid of those "100 Ways to Please Your Man" articles so prevalent in other women's mags and instead focuses on fashion, music, beauty and craft. It's like having all my favourite things in one place! Company also focuses a lot on bloggers and features many of them in their articles (another thing that attracted me to the mag in the first place).

I really love their beauty shoot in the latest edition (well, actually it's the May edition, we get the issues a bit late here) which features a real woman showing off some seriously cool hair and makeup looks. In fact the whole issue is full of real people, no models at all. Cool huh? I had to share the gorgeous-ness of the shoot, with it's macaroon pastels, neon and print clashes that look oh-so-amazing!

So loving the turquoise eyes with a pastel pink lip. The hair has a very modernised Kate Bush feel to it as well. Love!

These statement nails look even more amazing with a dishevelled up-do, finished off with a pretty bow headband. 

Love the spun sugar shades in this shot! The mint green jacket contrasts so beautifully with the pastel purple lip. This photo also reinforces my wish of knowing how to braid my own hair. It's a sort of sexy milk maid look- without the requisite cow milking!

1. Try NARS's Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Abbey Road to rock a neon turquoise eye. If the colour is a bit intimidating, just line the inner rims of your eyes for a subtle look that still pops.

2. Go for ladylike jewels to clash with your hot neons, just like Company did in their shoot. Try this pretty Rose Cross necklace from ASOS. At only $16 it's totes Prada-esque at a fraction of the price!

3. Stila's Long Wear Lip Colour in Exhilarating will give you a matte fuchsia lip that stays on all day.

4. This Pastel Spike Aliceband from ASOS is a true mix of pretty and punk- perfect for our clash-y chic look.

5. Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens will give you the multicoloured macaroon nail art from the shoot. Just  pick out some gelato shades and randomly swipe them over your nails. It's meant to look messy so any mistakes simply add to the look. Win! 

6. OPI's A Roll in the Hague from their Holland Collection is the perfect tangerine (and FYI it matches Pantone's Colour of the Year for all you design buffs out there).

7. MAC Lipstick in Pink Popcorn not only sounds seriously tasty, it gives you a perfectly pretty lavender pout too.

What do you think about clashing prints, brights and pastels together? Yay or nay? Do you also happen to have a magazine addiction like I do? What's your vice? Whether it be fashion, craft, interiors or fly fishing, I'd love to know!

Have a beautiful week!



  1. Camille Radcliffe16 July 2012 at 9:22 pm

    Hey Lauren! Enjoying your articles and just love the personality and flare with which you write! <3 an old friend ;o)

  2. What fun looks and I love the 'pretty punk' headband.

    My current addiction...since we're combining a classic black and white background with pops of brilliant colour, especially orange.

  3. love that you collected all the products for us!

  4. Fellow magazine addict, here! I will definitely check out Company!

  5. i am soooo totally gonna watch out for Company here :) i am loving neon at the moment and cannot get enough of it :) thanks for the info lauren :)


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