Monday, 23 July 2012

Makeup Monday: Sherbet Dip Hair Colour

You may have noticed that dip dyed hair is big at the moment. Many a celebrity is sporting a version of the trend and a gazillion fashion designers went statement colour crazy at the fashion weeks earlier in the year.

Dip dyed hair is a colour-shy gal's best friend. Too scared to go full on pink or purple? No worries, just dye the ends of your hair in your fave shade and you can have some fun with colour- without any of the stress! As someone who has experimented with many colours and application methods over the years due to my serious obsession healthy interest in hair colour, I think dip dyeing is one of my favourite hair colouring techniques. Like going ombre, it gives you a big dose of colour but without the worry of having to get your roots re-touched all the time. Win!

So how can one achieve the dip dye look? You have many a choice!

1. Normally I hate bugs, but I make a special exception for these cute little Colour Bugs by Kevin Murphy. These ingenious Bugs are filled with a powder hair colour- think eyeshadow, but for your hair. To use, cover your shoulders with a towel (to avoid getting colour on your clothes) then simply swipe the Colour Bug on to your hair- that's it! When you've finished showing off your coloured hair around the town you simply wash it out. Colour Bugs come in pink, orange and purple and you can find them at hairdressing salons for around $25. 

2. Colour your hair at home with a product such as my personal (and every school kid in Australia's) fave, Fudge Paintbox Creative Conditioning Colour ($15 from chemists). Available in 16 awesome colours, you can literally have any colour of the rainbow on your hair. My personal fave is the fairy floss hued Pink Moon, but why not try a trio of coloured ends? Try Blue Hawaii, Pink Flamingo and finish off with Clockwork Orange on the ends- my hairdresser did this awesome combo on my hair last year. The only downside is that unless you have blonde hair the colour won't last as long. Oh, and at home hair dying can be kinda fiddly (and super messy) so enlist a friend to help!

My tri-coloured ends (before I went the whole hog and bleached it).
3. Clip in hair pieces are another no-commitment way to work the trend. Simply buy a hair piece, trim to the appropriate length and clip it in underneath a section of your hair. The downside of clip in extensions is that they can sometimes fall out (or get pulled out by annoying younger siblings). 

The alternate option is to have the professionals do it for you, which is always a must if you want to bleach your hair first and then apply a colour to get maximum staying power. So if you have the spare cash and like your hairdresser enough to spend a whole day with them while your butt gets numb from sitting down, go for it! (I did). And please, please please never, ever bleach or peroxide your hair at home- no matter how "quick and easy" some take-home kits claim to be. Only go down this route if you don't mind having a few bald patches, a burning scalp and scary highlighter yellow hair.

Do you like the dip dye trend? What colour would you love to try?

Have a beautiful week!


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