Monday, 9 July 2012

Makeup Monday: Loving Beth Ditto's Look

Beth on Love Magazine's first issue circa 2009
I have a total girl crush on Beth Ditto. In a music scene full of lookalikes and blah sameness she stands out as someone who truly doesn't give a damn about what anyone else thinks. Which can't be easy in a profession (and world) that puts such a high value on being skinny and has such a narrow definition of what "beauty" is.

The word "unique" gets bandied about a lot these days (almost to the point where it has no meaning anymore) but Beth definitely qualifies for the genuine "unique" label. And it isn't just the fact that she's a bigger woman in a sea of entertainment industry size zeros. She doesn't subscribe to the bland "sexiness" that so many pop stars of today do, which gets old pretty fast.

It's the fact that she has a killer voice, is in an awesome band (Gossip), is openly gay and supportive of LGBT and feminist causes, her fun and colourful fashion sense, love of bright makeup, a willingness to experiment with crazy hairstyles and reluctance to shave (hey, to each their own right?)

Now that I've finished gushing, let's get to the beauty! I love Beth's constant makeup experimentation. And it seems that MAC does too, since they've collaborated with the singer to create a limited edition makeup collection.

You can get a bit of Beth's awesome look with these products from her MAC collection:

1. Add some colour to your makeup bag with the Powder to the People compact ($55). Use the cute coloured polka dots to experiment with creating different eye shadow shades.

2. A super bright lippie is a must! I bought the Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Dear Diary ($40), a true neon pink to die for, and I'm in love with it!

3. Using a coloured mascara in an easy way to add a pop of colour to your makeup without being too crazy. Try the violet Plum Reserve or navy Blue Charge Zoom Lash Mascaras ($33).

4. Have some fun by using all of the Nail Lacquers ($22) to create some seriously cool nail art designs. Or buy two polishes and paint a shade alternately on each of your nails for an easy statement manicure.

5. If you're not big on bright pink, try the Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Booyah! an on-trend tangerine hue. Or if you'd rather something more subtle check out the shades You're Perfect Already or Love Long Distance.

6. Use the Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner in Drag, Strip ($48) a handy double ended stick with eyeshadow on one end and a contrasting liner on the other. Makes creating a statement eye super easy and quick. Win!

7. A fan of the statement lash, it just wouldn't be a proper Beth Ditto makeup collection without a set of falsies would it? 7 Lash ($18) will have you turning a few heads, guaranteed.

Are you a fan of Beth too? Or do you have a crush on another music idol?

Have a beautiful week!



  1. What a fun look! Love what I'm seeing on your blog. =)

  2. I'm going to be honest - I'm not a fan of her makeup however, I have major respect for her carefree attitude and abundance of confidence! Those two atributes make her shine incredibly bright!


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