Monday, 2 July 2012

Makeup Monday: The Look of Snow White and the Huntsman


Let's face it- Charlize Theron makes being evil look good. Unlike the stereotypical warts - n'- chin- hair witches usually depicted in fairy tales, Theron's Queen Ravenna just looks damn hot. Is it wrong to want to be evil just to have access to the accompanying wardrobe?

Ribcage inspired shoulders anyone? Such a romantic addition to any wedding dress.
The makeup and costume department must have had a field day designing the looks of Queen Bitch Ravenna- fantasy movies would have to be the most awesomely fun thing to work on don't you think? The costumes were designed by Colleen Atwood (Tim Burton's go-to costume designer gal) and are amazingly beautiful -albeit in a glamorously evil sort of way. And if you look closely you can see the "touches of death" Atwood and her crew integrated into each design- we're talking shark's teeth, animal bones, crow feathers, know, the typical evil stepmother ensemble stuff.

Sharks teeth add definite creep factor to this outfit.
One of the things I loved about the makeup in the movie was how they kept Ravenna's makeup more understated. Instead of going typical evil makeup treatment- think full on smoky eye, black eyeliner or a dark lip, they kept her quite fresh faced. Sort of like a fake friendly surface that hides the evil underneath. In that vein I bring you Queen Ravenna's Makeup Kit! (We're such close friends that she let me rifle through her makeup bag).

1. Get Ravenna's shimmery eye with Bobbi Brown's Metallic Long Wear Cream Shadow in Antique Gold, Black Pearl, Starry Night and Goldstone ($50). These babies are super easy to apply with your fingers, stay on forever and give you just the right amount of colour and shimmery goodness.

2. Pair with a nude matte lip like Bobbi Brown's Lip Colour in Sandwash Tulle ($44). 

3. Finish with a swish of pink-y colour to the upper cheekbones with something like Bobbi Brown's Blush in Tawny ($58) and you'll definitely be the fairest of them all!

4. It always helps to have something glamorous to stash your makeup in, although at around $600 this Jimmy Choo clutch is out of most peasant's people's price range! If only there were a spell to make one magically appear...

That crown could take someone's eye out you know...
While I highly recommend giving Queen Ravenna's fresh faced, shimmery makeup look a try I wouldn't recommend copying her age-defying trick of, erm, literally sucking the life out of young women. Yes, it will get rid of those pesky crow's feet but you'll probably also end up in a) prison b) a padded room or c) get vanquished by the heroine of the fairy tale. Might I suggest trying a nice anti-wrinkle cream instead?

Have you fallen in love with the evil-chic look of Queen Ravenna in Snow White and the Huntsman too?

Have a beautiful week!



  1. I looove those "dirty" eyeshadow shades with a bit of shimmer for a night out! (And I like they kept Charlize's makeup natural so that she still actually was very attractive...a BIG improvement on the animated version I grew up with!)

  2. She did do a great job at being the gorgeous evil Queen Ravenna!
    At least Charlize will know what she is going to look like when she gets old... :)

  3. i do love her make up and wardrobe palette in the movie! talk abt glam evil :) uve captured the understated colors exactly!

  4. The wardrobe is most beautiful as is the makeup! Gorgeous colors!!!

  5. I've fallen in love with it now! She does look stunning, and you're right, the non traditional, fresh faced look is a really nice change.


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