Friday, 20 July 2012

Excuse Me: The Wonderful World of Sarcasm in Daria

Daria. Your wit, sarcasm and spot-on insight into modern society is a beacon of light (or should I say "sanity") in a world full of bimbo reality TV stars, absurd political correctness and where really bad spray tans are now considered a lifestyle necessity. 

For those of you who may have missed it the first time 'round, Daria was an animated series that ran for five wonderful sarcasm-laden seasons until it sadly ended in 2002. It focuses on the title character Daria, a wonderfully different teenager trying to survive in a typical American high school.  Let's just say that Daria possesses an intellect far superior to her peers (and her parents and teachers) and her sarcastic barbs are her way of coping in an often dumbed down and condescending world. 

The ultimate outsider, Daria is a role model to all of us who have ever felt that we don't quite fit in to mainstream society. Those of us who would rather read Kafka than Cosmo, dye their hair blue instead of getting eyelash extensions, who would rather sit on the sidelines than play a sport, or kill themselves rather than having to watch an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
It's actually hard to believe that a TV series with such an amazingly accurate, satiric insight into the ridiculousness of the vapid, consumerist and celebrity obsessed culture of life today came from MTV, the harbingers of idiotic (and just plain godawful) reality series like The Jersey Shore and The Hills. Excuse me MTV, but I don't think Daria would approve of your current programming at all. (Where's Sick Sad World when you need it?)

For your viewing pleasure, here are some of Daria's awesome sarcastic quotes. I highly recommend buying the complete series of Daria on DVD, where you get all five seasons plus the two Daria movies. I promise you will watch them over and over again (I have!)

Are you already a Daria fan? Do you have a favourite quote or episode? Or could you recommend any other awesome outsider chicks from TV, movies or books for us to check out?



  1. OOO, I don't 'do' television but I will definitely look these up on youtube!

    Btw, be watching for your blog to be linked SOON. =)


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