Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Phoebe's Stylin' It Up On Instagram!

Do you love Instagram? Do you love fashion as well? Wanna show off that extra special outfit you're wearing right now? Then you should check out Meet Me At Mike's Instagram Lookbook! Meet Me At Mike's lovely creator Pip Lincolne recently came up with the awesome idea of an Instagram Lookbook, where people can send in photos of what they're wearing. Pip then posts the pics on her blog so everyone can share in the fashion-y fun!

Our elderly little toy poodle Phoebe even made it onto the list last week! Check her out with all of the other fashionable folk:

Courtesy of Meet Me At Mikes
If you want to get in on the fun just take a pic of yourself (or a well dressed animal friend), upload it to Instagram with a short description and then make sure to add the hashtag #pipsinstagramlookbook.

And if you haven't checked out Meet Me At Mike's yet, pop on over there and soak up the awesome-ness!

Will you be sharing your uber-fashionable moments? (I might hold off at the moment considering most of my current working-from-home outfits seem to consist solely of trackie daks and hoodies).



  1. Thanks for the blog visit! Both have cute pets!! I love the instagram and see them, but I thought it was only open to those with smart phones.

  2. Oh hello, that's me, centre bottom row! LOL


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