Monday, 11 June 2012

Makeup Monday: Midsummer Nights with Paul & Joe

Few fashion houses make cosmetics as pretty, outrageously adorable and squeal-of-delight inducing as Paul & Joe. Somehow they manage to create cute, quirky collections with a dash of that Parisian je ne sais quoi like no one else. Who could forget their Disney collaboration featuring face powders adorned with Bambi and his friends or the whimsical Alice in Wonderland collection? If there is makeup cuter than theirs, I have yet to find it. And finally those of us in Australia can shop their cosmetics through the Aussie ASOS site! Yaysies!

Paul & Joe's latest Summer 2012 collection is called Midsummer Nights and features whimsical impressions of flowers and butterflies on it's beautiful packaging. Inspired by Shakespeare's classic play the makeup colours come in shimmering shades of pinks, green and coral. These are offset by sparkling magic-inspired accents in the nail polishes, body lotion and iridescent eye shadow colours. Love!
My faves are the Faerie Queen nail polish (an iridescent holographic glitter shade, $17), the Shimmering Pressed Powder (embossed with a gorgeous butterfly, $37) and the Lipgloss in Dream a Little Dream (an on-trend coral shade, $25). What I also love is how wearable all of the colours are, no outrageous limited edition hues here!

You can still also find pieces from their Spring 2012 Cat Collection. The purrrfect (sorry) addition to any cat lovers makeup collection is the Blusher Stick ($35) which is shaped like a kitty wearing an adorable little top hat. A must for any glamour puss (sorry again)!

Do you love makeup that comes in extra-cute packaging or do you like to keep it simple with your cosmetics?
Have a beautiful week!



  1. loving the colors! so fresh and light :) lol at your cat comedy :D

  2. Hehe thanks, I'm a sucker for a bad pun! :D
    x Lauren

  3. How charming is this?! I agree with Bev, beautiful colors!


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