Sunday, 3 June 2012

Loving Right Now: The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

In honour of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee I just had to have a post filled with British goodness! As you all know this weekend is the Central Weekend, where celebrations commemorating the Queen's 60 years as Monarch take place all over Britain and other parts of the world too, including Australia (we are a nation of British convicts after all!) 

Brit-ify your walls with some vintage dictionary art prints made by TinkerPrince. Each design is printed onto a page from an old dictionary or encyclopaedia, so you can show off your love for the Mother Country and books at the same time (or should that be love of tearing pages out of books and printing on them? Either way, they look awesome!)

Proclaim your love for the Queen, her Diamond Jubilee and Corgi's all at once with Sarah Matthew's cheeky handmade brooch. Love!

Showcase your Brit obsession with these cushion covers made by Marie-Louise Hart. Featuring iconic British images such as Big Ben, red double decker buses and Buckingham Palace guards (but what, no Tardis?!) they would make a fun addition to any plain-Jane lounge suite.
Drake's London have produced a limited edition Diamond Jubilee Handkerchief (approx. $100) to celebrate the occasion, which will surely be popular with all the Dandies out there (and Chuck Bass). Can be used as a spiffy looking pocket square or a really, really expensive hanky to blow your nose on (would that be treasonous?)

These adorable miniature cushions and bunting created by Gillian Bayes may be made for a doll's house, but don't you just want them for yourself? Surely the chicest way for your dolls to celebrate the occasion though, right?

Are you excited about the Diamond Jubilee weekend? And have you been tempted to buy any Jubilee memorabilia? I know I have!


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