Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Loving Right Now: Kikki K Cuteness

Invitation Set $14.95. Seriously need these even though my birthday isn't until December...

I love stationery. Seriously. Really, really love stationery. I think in fact it may actually be a problem and one day I'll end up on that dodgy TV show Hoarding: Buried Alive, except that my house won't be crammed with old newspapers and random crap, but filled to the ceiling with insanely cute Swedish and Japanese stationery. (I am not alone in this addiction either *cough* Sarah *cough*).
Stationery Case $29.95

Kikki K and her Scandi aesthetic have been feeding my addiction recently by releasing a new range called Forest Friends (for God's sake even the name is cute- how could I possibly resist that?!) When Sarah -who could also be called my enabler- told me I had to see the awesomely cute new range I ventured to my nearest store and let's just say I wasn't disappointed. Check out some of the lovely forest friends above and below:

Wooden Stamp Set $16.95
Photo Album $29.95
Pencil Case $24.95

Sticker Notepad $19.95

Birthday Card $5.95. I want one even though it isn't my birthday.

Just in case you were interested, I did indeed go a bit crazy and buy many items from the range. I justify this act of impulsiveness by telling myself that I'm supporting the lacklustre Aussie economy- by single handedly hoarding cute animal themed stationery. Hey, if an excuse works, I say use it!

Is anyone else a stationery fanatic? Please tell me that I'm not the only one! Or do you have another drug of choice? Fabric hoarding, collecting skeins of yarn...I won't judge!



  1. i hear ya! there was a time when i eat, sleep, breathe stationeries! they are sooo cute and delicate and some even smell nice :) i do love the Japanese and Korean ones like the ones u have here :)

    1. I love Japanese stationery too- it is all just so insanely cute! Whoever designs stationery like that has the coolest job ever! :)

  2. ha ha ha... too funny!! I don't blame you though... that stationary is terribly and dangerously CUTE! I worry that I might end up on that show too due... to "slight" fabric hording habit :) Lucky for me my partner keeps me in check... if I was by myself I'm not sure what would happen... it could be scary :)

    1. Hehe I think some TV executives will have to come up with a hoarding series relating to crafters and all the things we love to collect- buttons, fabric, paper, yarn...there are just too many gorgeous things out there for us to be tempted by! :) You should totally show off your fabric stash on your blog- I love seeing other people's collections! :)

  3. How charming!!! I used to be a stationary addict, lol. Now it's more loose ribbons I find on sale at craft stores. I like to tie them around my wrist like a little bracelet.


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