Monday, 2 April 2012

Makeup Monday: Sephora + Pantone Universe

All of the design and colour geeks (ahem, guilty as charged) out there already know that Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2012 is Tangerine Tango. The bright, tropical hue is deemed to be the It colour of the year, predicted by Pantone to feature in everything from paint colour, design accents, fashion designs (Alexander McQueen and Oscar De La Renta have already featured the colour in their 2012 collections, check them out below) and - my favourite- cosmetics.

Beauty giant Sephora (simply known as Mecca to beauty buffs) has collaborated with Pantone to create the limited edition Sephora + Pantone Universe Colour of the Year Collection in Tangerine Tango. The 12 piece collection includes all of the staples including an eyeshadow quad, lipstick, eyeliner trio, lipgloss and even a set of tangerine bristled makeup brushes and eyelash curler!

My picks of the collection would be the lipstick and the lipgloss and nail polish sets. These products will give you that pop of tangerine colour without the risk of you being mistaken for a circus clown! Thankfully though it looks like Sephora and Pantone didn't go too overboard with the colour saturation of the products, so you should be able to show off your love for 17-1463 with pride! (Just don't wear all the products at once, otherwise you may well resemble that circus clown). Moderation with bright makeup colours is key!

If you're crazy for Tangerine Tango then the Colour of the Year Collector's Edition Set is for you. It contains everything you need to re-create the tangerine inspired look and at $68 is amazing value. If you're lucky enough to have any friends or family living in the US you might be able to wheedle them into sending you this set or some other pieces from the collection. Just order some extras to send to me, ok?

I also had to show everyone a picture of the amazing pop-up shop Sephora created for the launch of the collection in New York- it's a Pantone Colour Guide! I'll say it again- amazing!

Have a beautiful week!

xoxo Lauren

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  1. Yes! :) I think this color will look amazing on the toes, perfect for summer! Also, it will be a great dash of brightness to ones wardrobe. But, you're right, this wont look so great if a person decides to go overboard.... Circus clown (lol).


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