Thursday, 19 April 2012

Loving Right Now: Terrariums

Terrariums: once the sole domain of forgotten 1970's design and the favourite pastime of the geeky shut in, terrariums have defied all the odds by becoming cool again. Once thought of as better left in the decade in which they began, terrariums are now the most awesome thing any self-respecting hipster can have in their home or -bizarrely enough- corporate office space. Our parents used to have a retro-tastic pyramid shaped terrarium from the 70's which lasted a good thirty years before the plant in it died- which makes them perfect for both the lazy and the plant murderers among us.

Here are some modern interpretations of the classic terrarium:

You can have a special underwater terrarium! This one by TyberKatz comes complete with glass bowl, Neko cat sculpture and five Marimo Moss Balls (I'm assuming you have to supply the water yourself- what a ripoff). Apparently these little moss balls are all the rage in Japan where people keep them as pets. Personally I'd prefer a dog to cuddle up to rather than a ball of slime but hey, to each their own, right?

You can even make your terrarium super kitsch (or super lame, depending on your opinion) by adding a garden gnome. Instructions on how to make this uber-stylish piece are here at Nat Geo for Kids.

This lovely stacked terrarium made by hammers&heels is a modern interpretation of the retro classic.

You can even get a terrarium necklace! Just don't forget to feed the wee bunny inside. By iluxo.

For the terrarium crazy you can even buy terrarium earrings with real moss living inside. Not to blamed for any subsequent fungal ear infections wearer may develop.

Always wished you lived on a farm? Well now you can have a little piece of the country life by having a terrarium complete with it's own wee cow. (Buyers note: while the grass is real, the cow is not- sorry).

Do you have a terrarium of your very own? We'd love to see any photos!

xoxo Lauren and Sarah


  1. They look really cool! I'm a bit rubbish with plants and tend to kill them with kindness(over watering)so I think the first one with the water and moss would be perfect for me! :)

  2. Not really a terrarium person but the stackable one is nice. Gnomes, lol.

  3. I am actually looking for one of those geeky 70's style pedestal bubble terrarium. If anyone knows of one, please contact me at


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