Thursday, 8 March 2012

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I recently completed the Jewellery and Small Objects short course at Griffith's Queensland College of Art, where we learnt basic metalworking techniques and how to make silver jewellery. It was really cool learning how to solder metal, etch silver and make rings (would I sound like a pyromaniac if I also said it was fun learning how to use an industrial blowtorch?)

I created a little sterling silver bunny ring by sawing out a bunny shape and soldering it to a simple ring I also made. Sawing out the bunny took ages, not to mention the six or so saw blades that I broke in the process! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out though, and it was really fun trying something new since my jewellery making experience up until now was centred mainly on beading, not actually making a piece completely from scratch.

I also made a sterling silver pendant with an etched flower design (please excuse the somewhat dodgy, blurry photo- blogger won't let me upload the better one I took. Thanks blogger!) I just need to finish it off with some silver wire and a clasp so I can wear it. If you were interested in the creative short courses at the College of Art, check out their website here. They have courses all year round, including a pretty awesome sounding Introduction to Screen Printing coming up soon...

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xoxo Lauren

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  1. I have always had a fascination for soldering... melted metal is so cool and a bit dangerous :) Love your little bunny ring and pendant... maybe one day I will be able to jewellery making and soldering :)


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