Monday, 26 March 2012

Makeup Monday: The Look of The Hunger Games

My latest obsession healthy interest is the phenomenon that is The Hunger Games. The foremost reason is that the books are amazing (as is the movie- thankfully) and the leading character Katniss Everdeen is the best strong female lead since in any book or movie since Buffy.

So how could I resist writing a post about the look of The Hunger Games, both in the movie and in real life? Part of the fun of The Hunger Games novel is the description of the people who live in the Capitol. Plastic surgery junkies with a fondness for wacky hair colours, bucket loads of makeup and dying their skin is basically the norm when you're a resident of the Capitol of Panem. Just take a look at Effie Trinket (above).

Katniss is required to undergo a makeover before she competes in the Games in order to transform her (au naturel District 12 look) into a glamorous, sponsor-worthy Tribute. This mainly consists of a whole lot of body waxing -ouch- and a good makeup application. The focus is mainly on Katniss' eyes, with a bronzed eyeshadow being finished off with black liquid eyeliner, false eyelashes and lots of mascara. Check out the difference above and below.

Jennifer Lawrence also knocked it out of the park at The Hunger Games premiere in a stunning golden Prabal Gurung dress and Jimmy Choo heels. The look was complete with a beautiful dark brown/bronze smoky eye, a neutral lip and naturally glowing skin. Love!

A trend sure to take hold now that it has featured in the movie is extravagant false eyelashes. Worn primarily by Effie and also by Katniss on occasion are some seriously cool (and wacky) falsies.

You can steal the lash look of Effie Trinket by getting some false lashes from Paperself. Their Deer & Butterfly (above) and Peacock paper falsies are featured in the film. Unfortunately I couldn't get a screen grab of Katniss' false eyelashes, but you can get a similar look by applying an accent lash in a bright colour to the outer corner of your eyes. Try Shu Uemura's falsies in Partial Floral Feather (left) or Mini Khaki (right).

China Glaze has also created a special collection of 12 nail polishes called Capitol Colours. The collection features mostly classic darker neutrals along with some pops of glittery colour. My pick is the holographic Luxe and Lush (which doubles as an amazing glitter top coat) and the glittery black Smoke and Ashes.

Top row: Luxe and Lush, Fast Track, Foie Gras, Dress Me Up, Mahogany Magic, Harvest Moon
Bottom row: Riveting, Electrify, Hook and Line, Agro, Smoke and Ashes, Stone Cold

Happy Hunger Games!

xoxo Lauren


  1. I will probably get to see this over the coming weekend (can't wait). The actresses are gorgeous and the makeup is completely funky. I see MANY trends being started.

    1. You will definitely love the movie, it's a fantastic adaptation of the book! Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of the cast still manage to look outrageously good looking even when they're covered in dirt and fighting for their lives- not fair! :)


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