Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Loving Right Now: Things That Make You Hungry

Even the butter on top of the pancake stack is happy!

A happy little crochet cake headband, made by You Cute on Etsy, adorned with sprinkles and a strawberry is sure to bring a bit of happy to any gloomy gal. Be warned- everything in this awesome shop is adorably, amazingly cute! You can buy already made plushies or purchase PDF crochet patterns so you can make one of your very own. A healthier way of satisfying a sweet tooth, no?

Tatty Devine's tasty looking Crisp Necklace- one for the hardcore salty snack lovers out there! Just don't try to use it to scoop up any kind of actual dip.

Have a constant craving for Laduree macaroons? Maybe these lavender and lemon scented soaps by Aubrey EA Apothecary  will help tide you over until your next trip to Paris. (Just don't try to actually eat them, ok? Even though they really do look very tasty).

The perfect accessory to wear to a high tea party: a Cherry Jam Cookie Ring by Allarts Kitchen! Pair it with the Tea Cup Necklace with Miniature Teapot and you'll be the envy of the "ladies' who lunch" crowd! 

xoxo Lauren and Sarah

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