Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Loving Right Now: The Colour Spectrum

These Rainbow Cakes in a Jar are enough to make any child (or adult) squeal with delight over their  mixed, neon coloured cake-y delightfulness. Something that's sure to show up the other parents when you whip these out at your little one's next birthday party!

Swatch's New Gent Lacquered Watches are a colour lover's dream- pop bright hues with a visible clockwork mechanism make for a fun and quirky addition to any wrist.

The Museum of Modern Art Store truly is a treasure trove of delight for any design or art fanatic. In New  York last year I spied this Colour Spectrum Umbrella and was going to buy it until I realised I couldn't possibly fit it in my suitcase. Sigh. It's happy colours would make whipping it out on a rainy day an absolute treat.

How could you not love a necklace called Here Comes the Sun? This rainbow even comes with a little dove to make it extra covetable. By MIXKO.

Another awesome find from the MoMA Store. This Ultra-Flat Wall Clock by Thomas Buchhelm would be perfect for an artsy office space or to brighten up an all-white minimalist kitchen or living room.

These neon feather earrings by PeaceFrogDesigns will add a much needed pop of colour to any drab outfit. Would be especially wonderful worn during the cloudy winter months when bright colours are needed to lift the spirits!

What are you loving right now?
xoxo Lauren and Sarah


  1. I am a big fan of bright happy color in the warmer months. That necklace you posted is BEAUTIFUL! Perfect for summer! You could probably do an easy DIY of something like that. :)

  2. I love anything brightly coloured too- kind of like a Bower Bird that collects bright things to decorate its nest!
    x Lauren


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