Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Craft Room Renovation: Before and After Photos

A few months ago I promised to show some photos of the mini-renovation of our spare room being turned into a craft room. My parents kindly let me invade the space and put all of my crafty things in it since they were rapidly taking over the small craft desk I had in our other spare room. Yay for Mum and Dad! 

Here's what the room looked like part way into moving out (and throwing out) a lot of random spare room stuff:

Here's what it looks like now after ripping out old shelves, filling in a lot of holes in the walls and a bit of re-painting:

I picked up this postcard of a painting by Frida Kahlo from the MoMA in New York and thought it would look lovely in a hot pink frame I picked up for cheap at Pillow Talk. All together it cost under $20!

This is also another bargain wall hanging. The picture is actually a card my Mum bought for me which she then glued into a frame from Ikea. They sell this kind of thing for $40 in the shops. Way cheaper to do it yourself!
Sarah made the lovely heart bunting for me which I used to decorate the door of the room. It also shows off one of my favourite acquisitions- an original drawing by my favourite illustrator Gemma Correll. (I just have to find the right frame for it!)
Overall I'm really happy with how the room has turned out so far. The only addition I would really love is a few more drawers for storage because, as you can probably tell from some of the above photos, things are currently being stored in bags on the floor!

What I love most is being able to use all of the extra wall space to hang up the pictures, vintage plates and other bits and pieces I've collected over the past few years. Now I just have to save up for a Confetti System Tassel Garland and the room will be complete!

Does anyone else have any pics of a room renovation to show off? I'd love to see them!

xoxo Lauren


  1. Wow what a difference! Well done with all your decorations I looks really inspiring.

  2. Super cute!!! You did a great job - and I love your desk! :)

  3. Thanks Bec and Wendy!
    Hehe, yes I made sure to take the photos after I cleaned off all of the extra stuff on the desk!
    xoxo Lauren


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