Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Loving Right Now

Dazeychic creates the most awesome, fun and whimsical prints. I own the So Very Happy print pictured above and I just love it to bits. It's a lovely reminder to see on a daily basis and it never fails to raise a smile.

This ultra-sweet pendant by Tinee Hacker featuring an original illustration by the designer. She also makes amazing stamps of foxes, cherry blossoms and the odd penguin too! I also love her handprinted moleskine notebooks- much more interesting than the original plain cover.

I found out about Sian's super duper, outrageously cute stuffed animals through the featured seller interviews they regularly post on Etsy. Seeing her creations literally made me squeal with delight! Sian turns all kind of critters into cuddly plush friends, including squirrels, pugs, kittens and jumper wearing sausage dogs. You can even commission a toy to be made in the likeness of your own pet!

Memi the Rainbow creates adorable stamps and jewellery featuring little llamas, sloths, robots and happy cupcakes. Everything about her designs and her blog is candy coloured cuteness and I love it all! She  lives in Paris and her amazing attic studio was featured on Etsy's Open Studio Tour. Cue serious creative space envy!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

xoxo Lauren

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