Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Book Loving: Saved by Cake

If the gorgeous cover of Marian Keyes's new book doesn't suck you into buying it, nothing will!
Pretty covers aside, I totally love Saved by Cake. Marian was a cooking novice when she started baking as a way to help her get through her serious depression. As she states in the foreword of the book, she  started baking everyday as a form of therapy- and a way to stop her from committing suicide. It is sad to hear how serious her illness has been, and I'm sure her fans would be surprised how the author of such witty and light-hearted novels could suffer such serious depression. It really shows how anyone in any situation can suffer this serious illness, no matter how successful they may appear to be.

Serious stuff aside, Marian has included some pretty awesome recipes in Saved by Cake. When you're a cookbook addict (ahem, rather like me) after a while you can find that books about baking can become somewhat rehashed and repetitive. I was pleasantly surprised by the originality of Marian's recipes and there are several recipes from the book that I'm dying to have a go at re-creating. I'm especially loving the look of the Blondie Cupcakes, Zeny's Banoffee Cupcakes, Rita-Anne's Birthday Cola Cake, the Coconut Milk Cake and especially the Blokey Snickers Cheesecake Loaf. Sugar induced coma, here I come!

Saved by Cake is aimed particularly at baking novices but it also appealing to those experienced at baking due to the scope of the recipes included. I also really enjoyed reading the little introductions to each recipe, as they tend to be very witty and amusing to read- they definitely represent Marian's wonderful writing style.

Happy baking!

xoxo Lauren

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