Thursday, 26 January 2012

Our Creative Spaces: When Good Yarn Goes Bad

It started out so well. I bought some lovely yarn from Purl SoHo while I was in New York last year and decided to use them in my first attempt at a crochet blanket. The nice lady in the shop asked if I wanted the yarn spun into balls but I thought they would squish into my suitcase better as hanks. Big. Mistake.

What was once beautiful yarn now looks like this:

It looks like a group of cats had a fight in it. Or a family of possums nested in it.

My crochet blanket has now been put on hold as I had to cut the blue yarn off mid row due to the Huge Tangled Knot of Doom it had become. I have to either find a way to untangle the yarns or find replacements that match the colours as closely as possible.

It would be such a shame not to be able to use all of the yarn I bought, not to mention such a waste of great material! Does anyone have any suggestions for untangling yarn, or how to wind yarn into a ball when you've bought it as a hank? My sad, tangly yarn would greatly appreciate any ideas you may have!

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xoxo Lauren.


  1. Hola. Para desenredar tantos nudos de las madejas lo mejor es ir poco a poco y con mucha paciencia, pero si la paciencia se termina yo cortaría e iría empalmando la lana con nudos, el problema es que luego tienes que rematar más.
    Un saludo.

    1. Thanks for the tips Susana!

      I'll try out my patience and see if I can salvage some length out of each of the colours. Either that or get my sister to have a go at untangling it for me instead!


  2. I've got no idea but you have to try and untangle them - the colours are too wonderful to waste x

  3. It takes a lot of patience, sitting down and supportive friends and family :-)

    Or of course you could try this group on ravelry

    they actually like untangling yarn and helping others too

  4. I always find untangling quite a good challenge... I am sad! :) Hope you get it sorted!!

  5. Movie night....I sit there and untangle while watching a good flick, then roll it into a ball. Tedious...but so gratifying! My kids have had a ball turning my yarn into a hot mess!


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