Monday, 23 January 2012

Makeup Monday: Magnetic Nail Polish

I thought I would start a new weekly post about one of my favourite things: makeup! Before deciding to go to uni I trained as a makeup artist and completed some beauty therapy courses. Even though I'm finishing off a bachelor's degree I still love anything to do with makeup so I thought it might be fun to write regular posts about this topic. Plus it does kind of relate to crafting in a way- I mean who doesn't like crocheting with Chanel nail polished nails and rocking a killer matte red lip?*

For my first Makeup Monday post I have to write about an awesome new nail polish trend that emerged at the end of last year in the USA and UK. Magnetic nail polish is the biggest thing to hit manicures since OPI's wildly popular Shatter top coats and Bio Sculpture's real snake skin pedicures (yes, really). UK based brand Nails inc. actually spent years in the laboratory developing their new magnetic nail polish- who knew nail polish creation was so scientific? Each bottle of nail polish comes with a magnet embedded in the lid. You simply paint on the colour then move the lid over the nail in whatever direction you like, resulting in a pretty cool piece of nail art. (And no, you don't have to worry about your hands becoming attached to the fridge or anything else magnetic- the polish isn't that strong!)

Nails inc. currently has only three colours available, apparently due to the difficulty in creating colours that still look attractive with the magnetised finish. The colours available l-r are: Whitehall Teal, Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square.
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While magnetic nail polish still isn't available in Oz (unless you have a very nice friend living OS who can post you a few bottles) it is only a matter of time before the magnetic trend hits big here. So keep an eye out and be ahead of the fashion curve!

*Although most of the time when I'm crafting I'm wearing a ratty old pair of trackie dacks, a paint splattered t-shirt and generally look like a total dag. But a girl can pretend, right?

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