Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Makeup Monday: Loving Miss Piggy for MAC

You know you've hit it big when like Gaga, you get your own collection of makeup for MAC. The latest icon to design their own line? Yup- it's Miss Piggy. Seriously.

And for someone who is, well, swine, she has come up with a pretty awesome little collection featuring three items to help you capture the ultimate Miss Piggy look. Which means of course that it is all about the eyes! Lets face it- Miss Piggy has a pretty spectacular set of eyelashes for a barnyard animal. The mini collection features the prettiest pink eyeshadow ($33), a set of false lashes to achieve that "come hither, Kermit" look ($18) and last but not least there is the all-important slick of winged black eyeliner courtesy of the penultimate liquid eyeliner pen ($32).

With the collection you too can look like a prize pig. Or a divine swine. (Sorry, couldn't help myself!) Your Miss Piggy inspired look would also go well with OPI's The Muppets range of nail polishes. My fave shade is the multi-coloured, glitter packed Rainbow Connection ($19.95).

The collection is available exclusively online at MAC. While you're there you can also check out Daphne Guinness and Gareth Pugh's limited edition collections, although they aren't quite made for the faint hearted! (Or people who don't want to look like vampires).

xoxo Lauren

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