Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Craft Room Renovations: Part 1

Yaysies! The first post on the new blog! I thought I'd put up a few photos of how we're gradually turning our spare back room into a new craft room for yours truly (and I should take this moment to officially thank my parents for letting me take over said spare room and also for braving the Saturday crowds at Ikea to get the new furniture to go in it!)

We had to clean out a lot of stuff, most of which you can't see in the photos because it was all under the computer desk and shoved into the filing cabinet. They seemed like great places to squirrel stuff away at the time, until the day I actually had to clean it all out. I'm definitely starting to see the benefits of living in a minimalist way- I mean, while it's totally devoid of personality and creativity- at least you don't have to dread the day when you have to clean out all the stuff you've hoarded away since you were ten years old. And yes, that New Kids On the Block poster was totally worth keeping!

The spare room, which soon after this photo was taken could be formally known as "The Bombsite".

Getting there- The new desk is in but we still have to move out a very heavy filing cabinet and re-paint the walls.
We also needed to repaint the walls due the lovely big holes left behind by the screws of the book shelves, not to mention the other gazillion holes left over from many years of being a kid's bedroom. So the renovating process has been going on for over a few weekends now and will hopefully be finished off this weekend when I wheedle my Dad into putting up three new bookshelves for me! I can't wait until it's all finished and I can have a big desk space to spread my crafty stuff out on- no more taking over the kitchen table (Mum will be most happy about this!)

xoxo Lauren

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